Science communication

Duncan and his team are passionate about science communication. They have developed diverse collaborations with artists and musicians to explore their science through a different lens to share the findings of their scientific research with a wide audience while learning about their own research practice in the process. Science communication is an active area of research within the Cameron Lab and is a reflective and bidirectional process that has directly influenced the way they undertake their scientific research.

Lullabiome: farm-fresh heresy

Sculptural and musical installation with video by Anthony Bennett, Ryan Taylor, Rebecca Hearne and Ben PMA

This mixed media installation explores the losses of crop yield due to bacterial plant diseases and the science behind how ‘good bacteria’ (probiotics) might provide a sustainable solution for controlling these diseases. Funded by the UKRI Bacterial Plant Diseases Programme.

Our funders produced an excellent review and video of the Lullabiome installation at the Great Yorkshire Show 2022 👇
Click here to view

The first exploratory works created as part of the Lullabiome series by artist Anthony Bennett are being showcased in A.R.T. Magazine with one artwork featured as the cover image for issue 8 👇

Common Ground

Sculptural installation with video by Jo Peel

This mixed media work by Jo Peel explores food unsustainability with regards to food waste, unsustainable production and the high environmental cost and footprint. The work is currently on show at Sidney and Matilda Gallery, Sheffield until September 27th as part of the 2020 Festival of the Mind and you can watch the “teaser” video here.

You can also see Jo and Duncan “in conversation” discussing their collaboration as part of the virtual spiegeltent.


Multimedia installation & musical work by Ryan Taylor

First performed in Hobart, Australia in 2019, Aquakulture is a multimedia performance by award-winning British composer and performer Ryan Taylor. The piece explores the rapidly changing nature of aquaculture, it’s connection to land and sea food systems, single issue environmentalism, and deeply rooted attitudes, perceptions and beliefs in our post-truth era of misinformation. The work has been developed in collaboration with researchers A/Prof Julia Blanchard at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania and Prof Duncan Cameron at the Institute for Sustainable Food at the University of Sheffield, UK. Read Ryan’s blog post about the live AquaKulture concert here and watch the accompanying documentary by Sam Irwin

AquaKulture, the album, is available for purchase as CD or digital download


Installation by Anthony Bennett

An installation made to reflect on the experiences of University of Sheffield staff working at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. Created using artificial soil, developed by the Department of Chemistry, the sculptures have been planted with seeds. They are designed to encourage generations to grow vegetables together. With Harry Wright and Tony Ryan. Additional information is available on Anthony’s website.

Refugerminate was first exhibited at the festival of the mind in 2018 as part of the ‘Futurecade’ exhibition at the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield.

Aspects of Refugerminate were shown at the Usagi Gallery in New York as part of their Future of Food Exhibition in 2018.


Sculpture, multimedia installation, musical work and performance by Anthony Bennett, Augustinas Našlėnas, Ryan Taylor, Martin King & Duncan Cameron –

Gaiamycota reflects on the state of “what remains of the soil” of our planet…. it’s acute predicament, and foretells of a method to address this, given a global collective political and cultural will.

Gaiamycota was first exhibited at the festival of the mind in 2016 as part of the ‘Futurecade’ exhibition at the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield.

The Gene Genie

Mixed media installations by Anthony Bennett

The Gene Genie investigates the emotional response of ‘people with full bellies’ to the subject of genetic modification and was develop after a series of conversations with Duncan Cameron.

The Sound of Science

Musical performance and demonstrations by Nate Adams, Duncan Cameron, Mel Hannah, Abby Hambleton, Dean Honer and Kevin

Featuring dynamic demonstrations of science, original music (by Dean and Kevin) and extraordinary 3D visuals (by Abby Hambleton at Human Studio), this show is aimed at families. Expect to be entertained, we want you to laugh, gasp and wonder. We aim to inspire you to be more curious of the world around you, how it works and what it’s made of. The Sound of Science was first performed as part of the 2018 Festival of the Mind. You can check out a teaser video here.

The Sound of Science was reimagined for the 2020 Cheltenham Science Festival “@ home” and is available to watch on YouTube and the accompanying album and book is available for purchase through Bandcamp

The making of The Sound of Science

Sound of Science highlights from the Festival of the Mind 2018

Christmas Lecture – Everyone’s a Fertiliser Factory

Science demonstrations and pantomime by Duncan Cameron & Nate Adams

How do our bodies turn breakfast into energy? How much energy is in our food? What happens if you blow up sugar? Join Professor Duncan Cameron from the University’s Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, his lunch, a carnivorous plant and a pair of very hairy special guests for the smelliest University of Sheffield Christmas Lecture yet!

Featuring explosive scientific demonstrations by Nate Adams and living sculptures by Anthony Bennett

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