Selected presentations

Selected recorded presentations from Duncan and his team (page under construction)

From A(Aberdeen) to Z(Zaatari): A soil biologists tale

Keynote at the Bio-Diverse Festival 2020

“The Bio-Diverse Festival’s vision is to create an inclusive, welcoming space for underrepresented and minority groups in biology and conservation to present their work, learn and share skills, network, and talk about topical issues in biology and conservation.”

In this talk, Duncan will explore his research that has tried to understand one of our most complex, poorly understood and unglamorous ecosystems, the soil. He will unpack his academic journey from his PhD research at the University of Aberdeen on grassland soils, via the Paris Climate negotiations to co-creating soil-free agriculture using old mattresses with refugees from the Syrian crisis at Za’atari camp in Jordan. He will share his team’s most recent breakthroughs in sustainable agriculture where we have learned about growing food in the hardest of conditions and brought this knowledge home to develop cutting edge approaches for producing food that is sustainable, healthy and fair for all.

Watch the talk on YouTube

Decoding the secret language of soils

BES “Ecology live 2021”

Duncan will be digging into the remarkable world of soil, decoding the secret languages of the myriad organisms that live there.

Watch the talk on YouTube

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